About Kasasagi


An Australian family Online Store offering a diverse range of unique Japanese Antiques & Handcrafts as well as a comprehensive range of Shoyeido Incense & Inden Deerskin products.

About Kasasagi Fine Arts

Kasasagi Fine Arts is a small online family enterprise specializing in unique Japanese Art and Antique objects. We also offer Shoyeido pure handmade Incense which we direct import from Shoyeido, Japan.  All our Inden Deerskin Handmade Lacquer Products are also made to order for Kasasagi by Inden-Ya, Japan.

Reliability, security and discretion are also part of the service provided by Kasasagi in our quest to help customers source unique and high quality items.

We personally choose all our products to ensure they are genuine as well as authentic to Japanese culture.

We embrace the provenance of Japanese Art as much more than just decoration.  Every item embodies intricate handcraft skills, expressions of soul, passion and sincerity. We believe in the purity of antique items as they are found and showcase them in their original state, where the passage of time is also part of their beauty and attraction.

We are also committed to making a positive contribution on social and environmental issues and donate a percentage of income to Not For Profit organisations listed below.

Kasasagi Fine Arts also supports environmentally friendly practices such as using recycled packaging material wherever possible.  We also recycle unused packaging with ethically responsible companies who manufacture new products from recycled materials.

Thank you for looking at Kasasagi Fine Arts.

Kasasagi is a Proud Sponsor of

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“What Customers Have To Say About Kasasagi”


Much enjoyment from Kasasagi and their wonderful Japanese antiques and incense. Discerning quality in their products and genuinely caring in their service. Definitely the feel of a family business. Orders are quickly processed and shipped. Wonderful to receive and beautifully presented.


I love Shoyeido Incense. Great balanced fragrances and a truly wide choice. The fragrances are natural and complimentary rather than overpowering. I particularly like that Shoyeido incense sticks burn cleanly without powdering and there is very little to clean afterwards. Kasasagi has a great range of Shoyeido Incenses with excellent and quick service.


Amazed. We purchased our Antique Triptychs from Kasasagi but questioned if they would suit our contemporary decor. The folks at Kasasagi looked at photos of our house and advised us on styles and framing. We are amazed at how the artworks chosen compliment and actually lift our decor to a unique standout style. Kasasagi provided us with the history of the prints and the artists biography. Fascinating. We so enjoy the artworks as we walk through the house. There is always something new to see every time. So happy with their help.


Great service along with beautiful artwork and incense. Kasasagi is a little Gem of Japan in Melbourne. Their unique Antique Stencils look great alongside my other treasures.

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