About Kasasagi Fine Arts

About Kasasagi Fine Arts

Kasasagi Fine Arts is a small online gallery and family enterprise specializing in unique Japanese Art and Antique objects. We also offer Shoyeido pure, handmade, Incense and Inden Deerskin Handmade Lacquer purses and wallets from Japan.

Kasasagi provides a personalised service for customers looking for individual art, antiques and objects from Japan.

Reliability, security and discretion are part of the service provided by Kasasagi in our quest to help customers source unique, high quality items.

All our artwork and products are personally chosen by us to be authentic to Japanese culture. Our Shoyeido handmade Incense is authentic and direct imported by us from Shoyeido Japan.

We understand Japanese Art is much more than just decoration.  In it are found intricate, handcraft skills, expressions of soul, passion and sincerity. We believe in the purity of antique items as they are found and showcase them in their original state. We believe that the passage of time is also part of their beauty and attraction.

At Kasasagi we also care about the environment and donate a percentage of income to projects such as saving endangered and abused animals.

We also support environmentally friendly practices such as using recycled packaging material wherever possible.

Thank you for looking at Kasasagi Fine Arts.

Kasasagi is a also Proud Sponsor of

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