Antique Japanese Inro Collection

EDO Era Signed Inro And Netsuke By Mei Otoyuki

Antique Japanese Inro Collection

Finding quality Japanese antiques is our passion.   We make the best possible effort to find high quality Japanese antiques. The Japanese Inro is an icon of traditional Japanese culture and Kasasagi Fine Arts has a range of high quality and hard to find Inro’s.  The Ojime’s and Netsuke’s which are part of the Inro are also works of art in their own right.

We personally source all our items in Japan and have a passion for Japanese craftsmanship and detail.  Our Inro’s come in all shaps and sizes and details including signed Inro’s from Mei Kajikawa and Yoyusai.  Skilled craftsmen spend many months to create beautiful Inro’s featuring tortoiseshell, zoge as well as takamaki-e and nashiji finishes.

We are based in Melbourne Australia and all prices are listed in Australian dollars.  We are happy to accommodate requests for special shipping including insurance.  Quality Inros are precious and rare items from a culture dedicated to high quality workmanship.

Mount Fuji Four Case Antique InroAntique Lacquer And Staghorn Japanese InroAntique Lacquer And Tortoiseshell InroAntique Takamaki-e And Nashiji InroAntique Japanese Lacquer InroAntique Basket Weave Japanese Kiseru or InroEDO Era Signed Inro Ebisu God Of Fortune

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Antique Japanese Inro Collection


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