The Great (Busy) Buddha of Kamakura

So yes, some traditional cultural elements are slowing in Japan, however 750 year old “Kamakura Daibutsu” is busier than ever. This behemoth bronze Buddha attracts increasingly large numbers of both foreign and Japanese visitors. Cast of bronze in 1252, unique techniques, sophisticated for the period were used . The interior of the statue is hollow…
EDO Era Mei Saihuku Bronze Vase

More Japanese Antiques From Kasasagi

More Japanese Antiques From Kasasagi Fresh from our travels to Japan we are excited to share with you or latest finds and some old, much loved treasures we have been holding onto. If Bronze and mixed metal antiques from Japan is what excites you most check out or latest bronze items including an erotic figure…
Antique Lacquer Dragon And Tiger Inro

Antiques Inros At Kasasagi Fine Arts

Antiques Inros At Kasasagi Fine Arts Synonymous with Japan the Inro played a significant role over centuries of Japanese culture. Kasasagi features a selection of Inro’s from early Edo era to mid 20th Century. Thank you for visiting Kasasagi Fine Arts.  

Sale on Japanese Art And Antiques

Sale on Japanese Art And Antiques Kasasagi Fine Arts sale on limited items from our online Antique Japanese store. Limited items from our porcelain ware and tea ceremony range along with lacquer ware and unique jewellery are on sale at our online store.  Also on sale are items from our Militaria range. Japanese Lacquer ware…
Teruhide Kato Woodblock Print Shidare Roji

Teruhide Kato Woodblock Prints

Teruhide Kato started his career as a successful Kimono Designer in the 1960s and 70s. At the age of 50 he fulfilled his long held dream of becoming a traditional woodblock artist.  He gained fame for his contemporary woodblock shin-hanga prints of his native town Kyoto.  The laneways of Gion in Kyoto are some of…
Tekiho Art Panel Woodblock Print Gosho Doll And Cow

The World of Japanese Woodblock Toy Prints

The World of Japanese Woodblock Toy Prints Japan is famous for its artists who have portrayed people, places and events in evocative detail for many centuries. Look beyond Hokusai and Hiroshige to works of art created a century ago that are perfect for today. With a contemporary and quirky look Doll and Toy Prints stimulate…
Eiichi Kotozuka Oharama Girl Woodblock Print

Sponsoring A Child Through The Smith Family

The Smith Family has a long history of helping disadvantaged families.  Their Sponsor A Child program is a great step towards improving the life of a child by providing: Financial support to pay for school essentials like a school uniform, shoes, textbooks and excursions. Guidance and support from a Learning for Life Coordinator who works…
Vintage Agate Fish Pendant and Chain

Hand Made Unique Jewellery at Kasasagi

Hand Made Unique Jewellery at Kasasagi Kasasagi has a unique selection of unique items of jewellery hand made from antique and vintage items.  Rare beads, amulets, buckles and other items are transformed into one of a kind jewellery. Check out our unique chains all created in our Melbourne workshop.   Unique Handmade Jewellery
Shoyeido Incense Meditation Pack

Kasasagi Meditation and Charcoal Incense Packs

Kasasagi Meditation and Charcoal Incense Packs Kasasagi has created two new packs of Shoyeido Incense making it easy for you to choose the incense to suit your taste. Our Meditation Pack offers a selection of Shoyeido incense for meditation and deep relaxation: Circle Incense 1 Bundle of 35 sticks White Cloud Incense 1 Bundle of…
Shoyeido Xiang-do Agarwood Incense 120 Sticks

A Better Way To Purchase Xiang-do Incense

A Better Way To Purchase Xiang-do Incense If you are a fan of Shoyeido Incense and would like to get much better value for money from your purchases check out the 120 stick Xiang-do packets on our site. Skip the graphic packaging and the little incense holder in the 20 stick option.  Go straight to…
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