Christmas Gift only available in Australia from Kasasagi

I love the Shoyeido Origami Fragrance Wheel Sachet.  It is a great gift for men or women as the smell is spicy rather than floral and very different.  Its also a great gift that you can’t buy in any other Store in Australia.  At $20 for purchases in the Gallery or $29.50 including shipping its a great Christmas gift option.

We also have a special on for Christmas.  Please visit our home page to read more about our Christmas offer

Shoyeido Origami Flower Wheel Fragrance Sachet is an flower wheel beautifully folded in a flower motif.  It contains a mixture of spices specially grown for Shoyeido which are blended in their workshop in Kyoto.    All the ingredients they use are specifically grown and then carefully handpicked to ensure the right amount of concentration of each scent.

It is a wonderful, natural way to keep your car, wardrobe and other spaces smelling beautiful.  Its also great for hanging on your Christmas Tree.  There are no artificial ingredients and no chemical scents.

The Hana-kuruma contains clove, star anise and other spices in a 3oz package and is available in either red or black flower wheel motifs.  They are available in red, black, pale pink or pale blue.

The cost of one origami flower wheel including shipping within Australia is $29.50.  If you are outside of Australia then it will cost you $35 including shipping for each flower wheel.

This is the link to the Origami Flower Wheel fragrance sachet on our website

Glimpses of Kyoto
Shoyeido Origami fragrance flowers


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