Christmas Wrapped Up

Christmas Wrapped Up

All online orders over $50 (excludes shipping) placed prior to Christmas will be gift wrapped.  Please place your order for Australian Shipment by 9 December and for shipment outside of Australia by 1 December to ensure it arrives in time for Christmas.

Pair up an Incense Burner with some incense from Shoyeido as a unique gift.  Choose from our extensive range of Handmade Shoyeido Incense and Incense burners.

Small Antique Japanese KoroShoyeido Owl Incense BurnerShoyeido Xiang-do Forest Incense.

Handmade Deerhide Lacquer purses or our Kanzashi Hair accessories.

Japanese Deerskin Cherry Blossom Lacquer Coin PurseJapanese Deerskin Cherry Blossoms Lacquered CoinPurseAntique Japanese Red Coral Kanzashi

Send someone special a woodblock print from one of the Japanese Ukiyo-e masters.

Great Wave off Kanagawa Hokusai Woodblock PrintKuniyoshi Mounted Woodblock Print Evening Cool

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