Hina Matsuri Festival Girls Day or Doll Festival March 3rd

Throughout Japan on March 3rd each year, families celebrate the very important Hina-Matsuri Festival.

This is one of the biggest, most anticipated & popular festivals of the many that are celebrated throughout each year in Japan. It is also known as the Doll Festival or Girl’s Day Festival.

Traditionally, the Hina Matsuri Festival, Girls Day or Doll Festival is for families with girls to celebrate & wish their daughters a successful and happy life. Hina-Ningyo (Hinamatsuri Dolls) are displayed in family homes, Department stores & Temples in very elaborate & precise arrangements. Traditionally it is revered & honourable if the dolls (Hina) have been in the family for many years & have been passed down over many generations. The dolls are dressed in costumes of the Imperial Court from the Heian period (794-1192)

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The displays are arranged on one, three, five, seven or multi tiered red carpeted stands. Some are simple affairs whilst others are extensive & incredibly elaborate. At the top are the Emperor and Empress. The next lower tier are three court ladies (sannin-kanjo) then five musicians (gonin-bayashi) two ministers (udaijin and sadaijin) and lastly three servants on the lower row of a five-tiered display. Also displayed are doll’s furniture, porcelain dishes, and other home ware items & utensils.

This same day, March 3rd is also called “Momo No Sekku” (Peach Festival) for the peach blossom season celebrated from earlier times from the old Lunar Calendar. To intergarate & combine this additional celebratory element with Hina-Ningyo, peach blossoms are used to decorate the doll displays. Special foods are also prepared & eaten such as Mochi,  chirashi-zushi (sushi rice with a variety of colorful vegatables mixed in), clam soup, and sakura mochi (sweet rice cakes).



chirashizushi_scattered sushi


Today is one of the most enjoyable of Japan’s many festivals. We hope you enjoy it too.


Best regards, Kasasagi Fine Arts Australia


Hina Matsuri Festival Girls Day or Doll Festival March 3rd Hina Matsuri Festival Girls Day or Doll Festival March 3rd Hina Matsuri Festival Girls Day or Doll Festival March 3rd


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