Inden Japanese Deerskin Lacquer Products in Australia

Inden Japanese Deerskin Lacquer Products in Australia

Our Japanese Deerskin Products are handmade in Japan.  The softness and strength of deerskin combined with their suppleness makes a premium and very durable product.

Kasasagi Fine Arts brings these premium products to you from our Australian Online Store.

Get the wow factor with our beautiful key rings.  Available in navy or red deerskin and decorated with dragonflies.

Make a high impact with our beautiful coin and card purses, ladies purses and gents wallets.

Watch out for that second take when you flash our very popular double clasp purses. The clever design lets you store coins, currency and cards.

Send a message of love with our red deerskin heart charms.  Available in dragonfly and cherry blossom patterns they can also be used as a mobile phone accessory.

Watch this space for our custom order handbags and wallets coming up soon.

Inden handmade deerskin products have a tradition established over 400 years.  The softness and lightness of deerskin as well as their flexibility and strength were used to make Samurai armour.  Today artisans use these techniques to create durable and wearable works of art.

Skilled artisans tan, dye and silk screen the deerskin to create beautiful and intricate patterns in traditional and contemporary designs.  The end result is a wonderful range of handmade wearable products with amazing provenance from Japan.

Inden Japanese Deerskin Lacquer Products in Australia

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Japanese Deerskin Credit Card Holder Borromean Rings
a premium credit or business card holder made in Japan from deerskin
Japanese Inden Deerskin Key Rings Dragonflies on Red
stand out from the crowd with this very unique and premium handmade keyring

Japanese Deerskin Cherry Blossoms Lacquered Coin Purse

Japanese Inden Deerskin Dragonflies Heart Charms
a gift of love in any language of a premium product from Japan



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