Japanese Festivals in September

Japanese Festivals in September

Japan is famous for its festivals and ceremonies all through the year.  Here are a few of the festivals held during the month of September.

September 1  Tsuma, Oki Island, Shimane Prefecture
Traditional bull fighting (bull sumo) in which two bulls lock horns and fight to push each other out of the ring. The bulls do not ‘fight’ in the Latin sense and no blood is shed.

September 1-3 Kaze no Bon, Yatsuo-cho, Toyama
Houses throughout the town are decorated with paper lanterns and hundreds dance the graceful Owara-odori (a form of bon odori) well into the night to the strains of Chinese fiddles.

Early September Hassaku-sai, Matsuo-taisha Shrine, Kyoto
A day of rituals, sumo wrestling and Buddhist dance to petition the gods for mild weather, good harvests and safety in the home at Matsuo-taisha Shrine  in Kyoto.

September 9 Karasu-zumo, Kamigamo-jinja Shrine, Kyoto
A very distinctive festival at Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto in which Shinto priests perform rituals in which they hop from side to side, ‘cawing’ like crows (karasu). These observances are followed by a sumo competition for local boys.

September 9   Choyo no Sechi-e Festival
Kokuzo Horinji Temple, Arashiyama, Kyoto

Traditional song and dance in celebration of the chrysanthemum.

September 14 Manto Festival, Hirano Shrine, Kyoto
Lantern festival with over 800 illuminated lanterns plus traditional Noh, poetry reading and dance at Hirano Shrine in north west Kyoto.

September 14-15 Tono Matsuri, Tonogo-hachimangu Shrine, Iwate
Held every year to pray for a good harvest, this is the largest annual festival held in the garden city of Tono. Shishi-odori (lion dances), Taue-odori (rice-planting dances) and kagura are performed along with yabusame and festival music.

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Festivals in Japan in September.

Kamigamo Shrine

Japanese Festivals in September Japanese Festivals in September Japanese Festivals in September


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