Just Released Hiroshige Woodblock Prints

Hiroshige Woodblock Irises And White Heron

Just Released Hiroshige Woodblock Prints

1940s and 1970s Hiroghige Woodblock Prints.  Kasasagi Fine Arts has an extensive collection of woodblock prints from many Ukiyo-e, Shin Hanga and Sosaku Hango masters.  We have just released some of our Hiroshige woodblock prints which have been in long term archival.

Hiroshige was also famous for his woodblock prints on birds and flowers.  His White Heron and Irises Woodblock Print uses the “Karazuri” technique where paper is pressed against the block with no paint, to produce an embossed effect for the Heron’s plumage as an alternative to paint.

His many depictions of waterfalls across Japan are striking and capture the mystical and magical essence of Japan.

All these woodblock prints are in unused condition.  Our fan print by Hiroghige II is also in unused condition and already mounted to Museum Conservation Standard ready for framing. 


Thank you for looking visiting Kasasagi Fine Arts.

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