Kasasagi Gallery reopens after visit to Japan

We are back in Melbourne, Australia after a 3 week trip to Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo, We managed to miss both typhoons and come back intact with the many treasures we found

We have sourced a range of unique postcards printed in Kyoto.  In the range are woodblock print postcards from some famous ukiyo-e and shin hanga artists and they will make a great impact as a card for special occasions or christmas.

We also visited the historic Shoyeido Incense workshop and saw the complex process of incense making first hand.  Shoyeido do not compromise on the quality of the ingredients they source for their incense and their fragrance sachets.    Shirakawa (White Path) incense has just been added to the range we stock.  We have also sourced incense burners from Shoyeido and have some available in our Gallery.

I was keen to look at their fragrance sachets during the visit and was not disappointed.  The quality of ingredients they source for their fragrance sachets is the same high quality as their incense.  We are now stocking small fragrance sachets and origami fragrance flower sachets.  They are beautifully folded in a floral wheel motif and will bring a wonderful fragrances to your car or wardrobe.  The sachets are comprised of a mix of clove, star anise, and spices which are specially grown for Shoyeido.

We have also secured a great collection of ukiyo-e and shin hanga prints from several artists such as Toyokuni I, Chikanobu, Hokusai, Nobukazu, Hironobu and many others.

We have also Meiji and Taisho Imperial Military items such as some very rare sake cups and Tokkuri,   Some are rare pilot commemoratives such as personal flags and banners.  Please contact us directly on these items as we are not holding them in the Gallery due to space limitations.

Also available are some wonderful pieces of Kutani and Imari porcelain, some of which we will be showcasing in the Gallery.

If you are looking for a specific item that is not on our website please contact us at  www.kasasagi.com.au/contact-us/

Kasasagi Gallery reopens after visit to Japan    Kasasagi Gallery reopens after visit to Japan   Kasasagi Gallery reopens after visit to Japan  Kasasagi Gallery reopens after visit to Japan


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