Kasasagi Incense Burners imported exclusively from Shoyeido

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Kasasagi Incense Burners imported exclusively from Shoyeido

Shoyeido Incense Burners .. Kasasagi Gallery now has a selection of traditional and contemporary quality Incense Burners from Shoyeido.  Imported exclusively by Kasasagi from Shoyeido in Kyoto, Japan. Makers of Incense for the Japanese Imperial Court for over 300 years.  They will complement Shoyeido’s range of incense sticks and coils beautifully in any environment.

Kasasagi stocks the Xiang-do, Premium, Genji and Horikawa range of Incense sticks and coils from Shoyeido.  We have many new customers who have just discovered the range and have quickly converted from their existing product to the our Shoyeido selection of incenses.

Some customer feedback over Christmas from one of our newer, younger customers was that the Xiang-do incense is the best incense he has ever burned.  Of course I introduced him to the rest of the Shoyeido range, which he was also very impressed with.

can be used to burn coil or stick incense
Shoyeido Silk Road Pottery Incense Burner
Shoyeido Pottery Incense Burner
Shoyeido Pottery Incense Burner
Beautiful glazed pottery incense holder
Beautiful glazed pottery covered incense bowls, designed with holes on underside for efficient distribution of aroma.


If you are after an antique Incense Burner we have a  Japanese Copperware Koro (Incense Burner) Gold inlaid with a flower motif.  It is a beautiful and very elegant item.

Japanese Antique Koro Incense Burner


Please visit us in Gallery or online at: https://staging.kasasagi.com.au/contact-us/



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