Kawasa Hasui Shiba Benten Pond

Kasasagi Fine Arts has just released one of Hasui’s flagship works of art.

Shiba Benten Pond is located in the grounds behind the Zojoji temple in Shiba, Tokyo. This is a unique work of art showing Hasui’s skills at his best.  Lotus leaves and and flowers are in full bloom and dominate the foreground creating a serene and colourful environment.

This print is a genuine reprint from the original woodblocks and the carver is Nakajima Shobisya.

Hasui Woodblock Print Shiba Benten Pond

Hasui KAWASE 1883-1957

One of the most renowed artists of the Shin Hanga movement Hasui is famous for his landscapes and town views in traditional Japanese style as well as Western elements.  In 1956, one year before his death, the artist was declared a Living National Treasure.

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