Mon-Koh Do you listen to your incense

Mon-Koh Do you listen to your incense

Mon-Koh Do you listen to your incense

Mon-Koh Do you listen to your incense.  In Japanese Mon-Koh approximately means “listening to Incense”. Most accurately Mon-Koh is a style of fragrance ceremony in appreciating pure aromatic wood fragrance. Most usually Agarwood.

As Mon-Koh is a formal disciplined Incense Ceremony style it strictly follows Kōh-Dō etiquette.  Kōh-Dōh is ‘The Way of Fragrance’, a precisely structured discipline requiring much devotion, skill and training to master.  Much like the Ikebana ceremony (Kadō, the Way of Flowers) and Chanoyu the tea ceremony (Chadō, The Way of Tea).

Participating in a Mon-Koh Fragrance Ceremony does not require training.  The practitioner who performs and also leads a Mon-Koh Ceremony requires considerable formal study and training.  Consequently Mon-Koh is a very highly skilled and formal traditional ceremony.  Mon-Koh is also central to the full appreciation as well as enjoyment of the culture of Japan and promotes and emphasizes important elements of harmony, peace and meditation.

Incense Appreciation ceremony in Tokyo

Mr Hata from the Shoyeido Incense Company is pictured kindly demonstrating Mon-Koh at Mitsukoshi, Nihonbashi Tokyo. Mr Hata is a trained, skillful practitioner of Mon-Koh and son of the present generation of the Hata family. A direct descendant of Moriyoshi Rokuzaemon Hata who in 1705 first established the great Shoyeido incense Company in Kyoto.

Third generation Rokubei Moritsune Hata further developed and applied new incense blending techniques further contributing a broader appreciation of incense to Japanese people beyond what was once the exclusive enjoyment of the Emperor’s Court and the aristocracy. For nearly three hundred years, since 1705 the Hata family have continued their traditional legacy of skillfully crafting and producing beautiful hand-blended incense.  Shoyeido’s main store and head office still operate from the very same Kyoto store address first established by Moriyoshi Rokuzaemon Hata in 1705.

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