Deerskin Lacquered Clasp Purses


A beautifully handcrafted coin purse – red cherry blossoms or dragonflies on black deerhide with a chrome frame and clasp


Product Description

Deerskin Lacquered Clasp Purses

Curated by Kasasagi  black deerskin coin purse encrusted with red lacquer dragonflies.  Featuring a dark chrome frame and clasp.  A very stunning, hand made coin purse.

Approximate Dimensions: Width 6.5 cm Height 8.5 cm (including clasp) Depth 3 cm

Shipping is via Australia Post and includes tracking.  Ships in custom made box.

Deerskin leather is very soft and Japanese lacquer is very durable creating a product which is very flexible but also very strong.

This technique is also in use today to create contemporary objects of timeless beauty and high durability.

The History of Inden – the art of Lacquered Deerskin

Inden is the art of creating beautiful lacquer designs on deerskin.  The craft of Inden started in 1582 during the Sengoku period for the production of some of the garments used for Samurai armours.

Today the Yamanashi district is the premier location in Japan for creating beautiful deerskin lacquered products.

The art form, techniques and patterns used in 1582 are still in use today at Inden-Ya.

It takes many weeks to create each product and every deerskin lacquer product is entirely made by hand.

We  hope you enjoy these beautiful products as much as we enjoy using them.


Additional information

Dimensions10 × 7.5 cm
Double Clasp Steel Chromed Coin Purses

Red Dragonflies on Black Deerhide, Red Cherry Blossoms on Black Deerhide