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Antique Japanese Tobacco Pouch and Pipe Case

An Antique Japanese Tobacco Pouch (Tabako-ire) Pipe (Kiseru) and Pipe Case (Kiseru-ire).

The wooden pouch is estimated to be from the 1850s EDO era and the pipe and case are estimated to be from the 1890s Meiji era.  It was used as a working mans tobacco pouch so it is likely it was handed down over the generations in one family and the pipe and case were replaced as part of a repairs in the 1890s.

The tobacco pouch has the appearance of cherrywood which was commonly used for these items.  It has been hand carved from a solid piece of wood.  The wooden pipe holder has also been hand carved and has intricate detail.  The pipe has also been hand made with a bamboo stem and silver plated nickel.

It is in good overall condition for an item that would have had daily use since the 1850s.

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Weight.5 kg
Dimensions19 cm


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