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Antique Japanese Scroll Samurai Matriach

Meiji era handpainted  silk scroll of a an elderly woman from a Samurai family.

Signed by unknown artist in good condition.

Handpainted silk.  The upper crosspiece known as hyoumoku is karaki wood.  The lower crosspiece also known as jiku is a porcelain roller.  The mounting or heri is silk.  The honshi or artwork is also in good condition.

The (ichimoji) which are the strips running across the top and bottom of the centrepiece artwork is made of silk brocade. The backing on the scroll is made from washi which is traditionally used in all scrolls.

In very good condition for its age with some foxing and toning.

Dimensions: approximately 1.6 metres in length 44.5 cm width.  Length of roller 50 cm.

Shipping is via Australia Post with tracking and up to 8 business days for most international locations.

Additional information

Dimensions160 × 44.5 cm


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