Antique Edo Era Maki-e Kanzashi

Intricate and delicate maki-e lacquer work embellished with copper flowers

Product Description

Antique Edo Era Maki-e Kanzashi

Beautiful Edo Era Urushi Lacquered “Kushi” with intricate Gold Maki-e Lacquer relief work, botanicals and Sasa Leaf.  It also features ducks swimming on a pond and a Japanese traditional home.   It is also embedded with brass or copper Lotus flowers.

Approximately 160 years old and in original condition.  It also has absolutely no signs of cleaning. In remarkable condition for it’s age and showing rich patina with signs of use and some minor chipping to the lacquer.

Dimensions approximately 9cm wide x 5cm high

Kanzashi came into wide use during the Edo period.

Additional information

Weight0.200 kg
Dimensions13.2 cm


  1. japanese antiques stamatis

    It’s just as beautiful as it was in the picture, and I’m going to treasure it. Thank you so much Raya

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