Antique Kanzashi Hair Decoration Set 1


Beautifully hand crafted wooden comb and hairpin set.  Black Urushi lacquer mother of pearl with detailed decorations of a pair of birds surrounded by flowers

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Antique Kanzashi Hair Decoration Set 1

An early 20th Century Japanese Kanzashi Set.  A matching Kushi (Comb) and Kogai (Hairpin) of black Urushi lacquer on wood.  Typically cedar, cherry or kiri were used to hand craft Kanzashi.  Beautifully decorated in mother of pearl with a pair of birds surrounded by flowers.
In very good condition for an item of its age.  Missing some mother of pearl inlay on verso of Kogai (please see images).

Kanzashi are hair ornaments used in traditional Japanese hairstyles.  They became used widely during the Edo period when hairstyles became larger and more complicated.  Artisans began to produce more finely crafted products and craftmanship reached a high point in the 1880s.

Kogai – A two piece sheath style hairpin featuring a design on each end.  Kogai means sword and refers to the shape of two pieces (a sword and its sheath). They are often sold as a set with an accompanying kushi comb.

Kushi are usually rounded or rectangular combs made of tortoiseshell or lacquered wood.  Urushi lacquer work using the maki-e process was commonplace during the EDO period.  Some are inlaid with mother of pearl or gilding.
The Kushi is placed into a mage (bun-style hairdo).  The spine of the comb is often wide in order to allow maximum space for a design.


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