Antique Japanese Gosho Doll With Horse


A Gosho Doll stands astride a horse holding the reins.

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Antique Japanese Gosho Doll With Horse

A dainty minature Gosho Doll from EDO Japan.  Standing on a wooden base astride a horse and holding the reins.  Complete with the original signed box and in good condition overall with some damage to the underside of his right foot (see images).

Dimensions of Gosho Doll are approximately 5 cm height on base and 4.4 cm without base.  Dimensions of base 5.5 cm x  4.4 cm.

Shipping is via Australia post with tracking and insurance and is approximately 8 business days to most international locations.

Gosho ningyo or palace dolls have been around since the Heian era (794-1192).  Gosho Dolls were used to celebrate many events such as the birth of first born sons and other important events.

From the eighteenth century, the Imperial Court of Kyoto gave Gosho dolls to the visiting daimyo as a way of imparting news and as a reward for their loyalty.

Gosho dolls are also easily recognized with their chubby and round white faces.


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