Antique Hannya Mask Signed Masanao of Ise


An exceedingly rare Noh or kyōgen  theatre mask signed by Masanao of Ise on museum standard custom made stand.

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Antique Hannya Mask Signed Masanao of Ise

A rare and striking Noh Theatre Mask Signed Masanao of Ise. Beautifully hand carved from a solid piece of Cherry wood and detailed in black Urushi lacquer.  Masanao of Ise’s signature is carved on the rear of the mask. Please see the images attached.  The mask ships with a museum standard custom made stand.

Noh Masks were worn in many ancient Japanese theatre performances as well as ritual Shinto Kagura dances. The Hannya mask portrays the souls of women who have become emotionally demonic due to obsession and jealousy.

Hannya masks portray sad and tormented souls. The fearful visual element is a representation of the internal state of anguish and suffering the souls are experiencing. And with the performance, a display of the fragile complexity of human emotions.

The ancient Theatre Performance Art of Noh, Kyogen, Kagura and Kabuki are all presently experiencing a substantial return to popularity in Japan and as such, original Antique and older theatre masks are eagerly sought after and heavily in demand.

The mask is in excellent condition for it’s age and has no cracks, warping or chips.  There are minor scratches to the lacquer and signs of wear and use which is to be expected for such an Antique and utilitarian stage performance item.

Approximate Dimensions of Mask are 25 cm height and 17 cm width and 588 grams weight.  Height with stand is 31 cm and weight with stand is 1.420 kg.

Shipping is via Australia Post with Tracking and is approximately 8 business days for most international locations.  For insurance on shipping please email us for a quote at [email protected]


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