Six Antique Buddhist Monks


Six Antique Buddhist Monks 100 – 150 years old depicting the monks who accompanied Buddha to Sri Lanka


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Six Antique Buddhist Monks

6 Buddhist Monk statues hand carved from an unknown timber.  They are estimated to be between 100 – 150 years old.  The monks are a representation of the 6 Buddhist monks who accompanied Buddha on his journey from India to Sri Lanka.  Buddha was fleeing from India as it was alleged that King Pushyamitra Sunga who was a Hindu was not a supporter of the Buddist philosophy.

This set originated in Sri Lanka.  The monks have been hand carved from wood and painted in naive art style.  They are varying heights and said to represent the different ages of the monks that journeyed with buddha.

No chips or cracks.  Patina has signs of age and handling over many years.


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