Large Antique Japanese Bronze Signed Daikokuten


Signed Bronze of Daikoku-Ten.  The God of Wealth stands astride rice bales with a sack over his shoulder holding a magic money mallet upraised.

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Large Antique Japanese Bronze Signed Daikokuten

A signed Japanese copper ware (cast Bronze) statue symbolizing the God of Wealth from Meiji Era Japan (1890-1930).  Commonly known in Japan as Daikoku-Ten.

Daikoku-Ten (Daikokuten) is one of the Seven Lucky Gods of fortune and is believed to have evolved from the Hindu deity Shiva.  Daikokuten is also the god of the household and kitchen.

The God of Wealth carries a “wealth-pounding” mallet in his right hand with a treasure sack over his left shoulder and stands astride rice bales.  He has a wide faced smile and a flat black hat and a golden mallet.

The common belief is that Daikokuten invites fortune to your family. A substantial, hand made, quality work of art.  Signed on back.

A significant bronze weighing in at 4100 grams.  He is 14.7 inches tall and 5.9 inches.  Length 4.3 inches

Shipping is via Australia Post with tracking and signature.


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