Tokugawa era Signed Kozuka Kogatana


A rare find in excellent condition for its age

Product Description

Tokugawa era Signed Kozuka Kogatana

A Tokugawa era Iron Kogatana with Kozuka.  Unknown signature and in excellent condition for its age with the Nakago (internal tang) still intact.

A gold and silver Lobster has been inlaid on the handle.  One gold antenna on the lobster inlay is partially missing (please see images).

Approximate weight is 52 grams and approximate dimensions are 21 cm total length and the length of the Kogatana is 9.5 cm.

Ships in kiri wood box.  Total weight with box is 150 grams.

Shipping is via Australia Post and shipping cost covers tracking and insurance.

Please study the images and email us at [email protected] if you have any questions related to this item.

Samurai carried small utility knives known as Kozuka in the pocket of the saya (scabbard) of a sword mounting. The Kogatana is the blade. Japanese Sword Mountings



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