Vintage Japanese Ko-Omote Noh Theatre Mask


“the beautiful face of a young woman whose nature is calm and collected”

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Vintage Japanese Ko-Omote Noh Theatre Mask

A Ceramic Vintage Japanese Ko-Omote Noh Theatre Mask estimate 1950s to 1970s in good condition with no cracks or chips.  Minor age related wear and tear.

Ko-omote translates as small face and this was one of the early masks in the Noh repertory.

Noh  or Nogaku  is a major form of classical Japanese musical drama.   Noh theatre has been performed since the 14th century.  There are five categories of Noh Plays.  They are shin (God), nan (man), nyo (woman), kyo (madness), and ki (demon).

The mask is in excellent condition.

Shipping is Standard Air with Australia Post approximately 8 business days with tracking.

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