Antique Japanese Kyogen Nobori-hige Mask Signed


hand carved from cypress, gilded  and signed with real hair on the brows, beard and moustache

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Antique Japanese Kyogen Nobori-hige Mask Signed

A Nobori-hige mask worn by the Ai-kyogen in a Noh drama depicting the god of a shrine. The smiling expression of its open and toothless mouth gives a better hint of human goodness than of sacredness.

Hand carved and gilded from a single piece of wood and mostly likely to be Cypress which was traditionally used for Kyogen masks. The moustache, beard and brows are from real hair.  The mask is in excellent condition and is signed on the reverse.

Dimensions of Mask Width 14  cm  Height 19.5 cm (not including beard)

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Dimensions 14 × 19.5 cm


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