Japanese Pottery Ojime of Hotei

Pottery face of Hotei – one of the seven Japanese deities


Product Description

Japanese Pottery Ojime of Hotei

A very old pottery Ojime believed to be Hotei – one of the seven deities of Japan.  In good overall condition.

HOTEI – Japanese God of Good Luck also known as Hotei-Osho, and the gift giving God of Fortune.

He is one of the lucky seven Shichi-Fuku-Jin.  The other six gods are equally lucky, but Hotei seems to have the sunniest disposition. He’s known as the smiling or Laughing Buddha.  His name means ‘Cloth Bag’ and he is never seen without his bulging cotton sack, stuffed full of goodies.

According to those who know, Hotei loves having his tummy rubbed. How can you possibly resist? Especially since a quick belly massage may result in a shower of Godly goodies from a grateful good luck god.

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Wikipedia on Ojime


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