EDO Era Antique Imari Namasu Bowl

Beautifully detailed Japanese porcelain Imari ware bowl. Hand painted Kinrande style.  Cobalt blue underglaze.  Red and real gold pigment over glaze.  Approximately 170 years old.

Product Description

EDO Era Antique Imari Namasu Bowl

Beautifully detailed EDO Era Antique Imari Namasu bowl.  Hand painted porcelain ware in Kinrande style and Cobalt blue underglaze.  Red pigment is also used in the over glaze along with real gold pigment highlights.  The bowl is approximately 170 years old.

You can also view this bowl at Stall 39 in the Armadale Antique Centre, 1147 High Street, Armadale, Victoria, Australia

In excellent condition and has no cracks or chips.

Dimensions approximately 6.1 inches diameter and 2 inches height  280 grams weight



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