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Chokunyu Tanomura 1850 Maki-e Tea Plates

Chokunyu Tanomura 1814 to 1907

Maki-e Lacquerware Tea Bowls signed Chokunyu Tanomura.  A pair of Kashiki used to serve biscuits in Tea Ceremonies.  Kashiki is one of the many items which are considered indispensable to the tea ceremony.  They are also in excellent condition for items that are approximately 150 years old and the designs are in 24 carat gold maki-e lacquer,

The artist’s signature Chokunyu Tanomura 1814-1907 is on the plates and he is one of the most famous Japanese Maki-e artists.

Dimensions for each plate: 6.3 inches in diameter, Height 0.8 inches, Weight 70 grams.

Maki-e is a process of lacquering wood by carefully applying the lacquer over many months using a makizutsu or a kebo brush. The flowers are 24 carat gold maki-e lacquer.  Maki-e objects were initially mad as household items for court nobles.   Developed during the Heian Period  (794–1185) and blossomed in the Edo Period (1603–1868).  Maki-e requires highly skilled craftmanship and young artists usually go through many years of training to ultimately become maki-e masters.

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Weight0.07 kg
Dimensions16 × 2.03 cm


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