Mid 20th Century Takamakura Porcelain Pillow

“hand painted flower and bonsai IMARI pillow to scent Geisha’s hair while sleeping”

Product Description

Mid 20th Century Takamakura Porcelain Pillow

IMARI Geisha Takamakura Porcelain Pillow from early to mid 20th Century Japan.  Blue Flower and Bonsai Design with cobalt blue and white underglaze.

Geisha Takamakura hand painted pillows tend to be older and more individual than the inban and transferware versions.

Incense and perfumes were inserted in the holes on each side of ceramic pillows.  The scent would waft out during use and mingle with the woman’s hair oil.

Approximate Dimensions Length 21 cm | Height 9.3cm and Width 11.5cm

Weight 2lbs | 950g

Shipping is via Australia Post with tracking and approximately 8 days for most international locations.


Additional information

Dimensions7.8 × 14.8 cm


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