Hasui Woodblock Evening At Itako

“a vibrant and evocative print from original woodblocks by an artist dubbed as a National Living Treasure in Japan”

Product Description

Hasui Woodblock Evening At Itako

Evening at Itako is another masterful creation by Hasui. The setting sun casts a soft glow over the rural village of Itako.  Images of the sky and landscape are reflected on the twilight waters of the lake as walkers traverse along the river’s edge past kimonos and other attire which are hung out to dry.

Originally created in 1930 this woodblock print is a later production from the original woodblocks by printer Kawaguchi.   Signed Hasui with red artist’s seal “Kawase”.  This is a later edition published by Kawaguchi from the original woodblocks.

The print is also in excellent condition and has never been mounted.

Approximate dimensions of the print are 42.5 cm height and 31 cm width.

Approximate dimensions of image are 38 cm height and 26.2 cm width.

Hasui (1883 – 1957)

Hasui was also declared a National Living Treasure in 1956 in recognition of his contribution and skills.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hasui_Kawase Wikipedia – Hasui_Kawase

Additional information

Dimensions25 × 37.5 cm

Hasui Kawasa


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