Kawarazaki Shodo Spring Flowers White Peony Woodblock


Beautifully detailed woodblock print by Shodo from the spring flower series

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Kawarazaki Shodo Spring Flowers White Peony Woodblock

A beautifully carved and signed woodblock print by Kawarazaki Shodo.

In excellent condition.  On washi, traditional Japanese paper with Artist Seal.

Item Dimensions  16″ Height x 11″ Width (40.6cm H x 27.9cm W)

Print Dimensions: 14.5″ Height x 9.5″ Width (36.8cm H x 24.1cm W)

Three Woodblock print artists including Shodo designed and created a series of 90 flower woodblock prints.  Other artists such as Osuga and Kuzuhara collaborated in the series.


Shodo Kawarazaki was born in Kyoto. He worked for the publishing house Unsodo as a painter and print designer, specializing in flower prints.

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Shodo Kawarazaki


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