Tomokichiro Tokuriki 1950s Woodblock Print Demon Priest


a rare find by one of the famous Shin Hanga artists of the 20th century

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Tomokichiro Tokuriki 1950s Woodblock Print Demon Priest

Tomokichiro Tokuriki 1950s woodblock print Demon Priest (Akuma Shisai).

In good overall condition.  There are some glue marks towards the top on the rear of the print.

The print us Tokuriki’s modern-day take on the traditional folk Ōtsu-e paintings which originated in the mid 17th century. The production process used one or more sheets of handmade paper (called  makotorinoko or maniaigami).   On occasion the images were partially woodblock printed and finished with brush and ink to emphasize shape and outline.

Dimensions of sheet are approximately 28 cm height and 19.7 cm width.

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Tomochikiro Tokuriki 1902 – 2000 was born in Kyoto into a family of artists spanning over
over 12 generations. Having established himself as a successful painter he moved to the art of woodblock printing.  He also setup the Matsukyu Publishing Company in 1945 and was able to create, carve and print woodblock prints for the local market.

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Dimensions41.5 × 30.5 cm

Tokuriki Tomochikiro


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