Chinpei Original Childrens Toy Woodblock Print 1


A doll practices martial arts by one of the bridges in Kyoto

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Chinpei Original Childrens Toy Woodblock Print 1

A rare and original Woodblock Print by Yamaoka Chinpe from the Showa era 1935.

From his series Ningyo gashu (A Collection of Doll Pictures).  This print titled “A Royal Doll Story” depicts a Gosho doll in traditional costume practising martial arts with one of the famous bridges of Kyoto in the background.  Silver pigment has also been applied on the doll’s headdress.

Gosho dolls originated in the Imperial Palace in Kyoto during the Edo period (1603 to 1867).

Printed on Shikishi Board it is ready to display as an art card and can also be framed.  The print is in very good condition.

Sheet Dimensions  36 cm Width and 21 cm Height

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