Eiichi Kotozuka Oharama Girl Woodblock Print


a colourful depiction of the Ohara girl peddling firewood, flowers and agricultural products

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Eiichi Kotozuka Oharama Girl Woodblock Print

Eiichi Kotozuka 1906 – 1979.  Kotozuka’s Oharama Girl is a colourful original depiction of women peddlers from the Heian period to the Meiji period.  The Oharama Girl peddles small items from the village of Ohara such as firewood, flowers, and agricultural products.

The print has the signature and seal of the artist as well as the Publisher Uchida embossed on the lower right margin.  There is also some foxing and spotting which can be seen in the images.

Sheet Dimensions  46 cm Height and 29.5 cm Width

Shipping is via Australia Post with tracking and is approximately 8 business days to most international locations.

Eiichi_Kotozuka Maiko Woodblock Print

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Kotozuka Eiichi


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