Tekiho Art Panel Woodblock Print Doll Riding A Fish


A Gosho Doll sits astride a fish casting a fishing line

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Tekiho Art Panel Woodblock Print Doll Riding A Fish

A delightful early 20th Century woodblock print art panel on shikishi board with gold flecked backing and gold leaf border. A Gosho doll sits astride a fish as he casts his fishing line.

Dimensions of sheet are approximately 27.2 cm height and 24.2 width.

Signature and Seal of Tekiho and Publisher on the bottom left of the print.

In good overall condition and has never been used.

Nishizawa Tekiho (1889 – 1965)

Tekiho studied under Araki Kanpo (1831-1915) as well as his son Araki Jippo (1872-1944).  The father and son specialized in bird and flower paintings.

He was most famous for his charming paintings of traditional dolls and, following in his adoptive father’s footsteps, he became a serious collector and scholar of dolls.

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Portland Museum on Nishizawa Tekiho

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Dimensions24.2 × 27.2 cm

Tekiho Nishizawa


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