Shoyeido Mica Plates for Incense Chips And Granules


Used on charcoal and ash to gently raise temperature of aromatic wood chips or used with electronic incense burner. 
The result is an elevated experience which allows you to enjoy the aroma from your incense without the smell of burning incense..

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Shoyeido Mica Plates for Incense Chips And Granules

Shoyeido Mica Plates offer you a better way to insulate your incense chips and granules from the  heat of charcoal.  Combined with Miyako Ash they maintain an even temperature and prevent your incense from burning.

Simply enjoy the aroma from your incense and avoid the smell of burning incense.

Used on layers of charcoal and ash it gently raises the temperature of your incense and lets you enjoy your incense without the burning aroma of charcoal.

You will receive 1 Mica Plate with your order.  Each Mica plate is a wire wrapped square which is  2 cm square.  Mica is a translucent silicon based mineral. The Japanese have been using this material for hundreds of years to heat aromatic wood chips and incense without the issues of burning the incense.

Combine with Miyako Ash, Sumi Charcoal and Satori Incense Granules or Himenoka incense for an enjoyable and aromatic incense experience.

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