Shoyeido Hori-kawa River Path Incense Coils


Shoyeido Hori-kawa River Path Incense Coils is spicy with hints of cinnamon in a sandalwood base giving it a sweet and mellow aroma

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Shoyeido Hori-kawa River Path Incense Coils

Hori-kawa also known as River Path is Shoyeido’s finest sandalwood incense from the Horin Range.  Named after the 73rd Emperor of Japan.  Hori-kawa is a tribute to the art of incense with its unusual blend of spicy with an earthy balance whilst being extraordinarily rich and complex.

With hints of cinnamon in a sandalwood base it is sweet and mellow aroma with an almost confectionery like aroma.

Each package comes with 10 long lasting incense coils and a biodegradeable holder.  The burning time for each coil is approximately 2 1/2 hours.

Shoyeido Incense has no sawdust or any other fillers and also does not use artificial scents or ingredients.

Hand made in Kyoto by master blenders using authentic pure and natural high quality plant ingredients since the early 1700s.

Shoyeido incense is still made in the same way today, using the same care, skills and techniques used in supplying the Imperial Court in Kyoto for more than twelve generations.


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1 review for Shoyeido Hori-kawa River Path Incense Coils

  1. Mike

    My wife loved this incense was her favourite and I burn it as often as I can in her favourite space with her photos. She was a regular customer of Kasasagi and I am keeping up the tradition because we both loved the Shoyeido incense..particularly this one…these coils last for a long time and so do the aroma.

  2. japanese antiques stamatis

    I absolutely love this product and have already told many friends about it. Lee

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