Shoyeido Incense Meditation Pack


“Kasasagi has created a Meditation Pack of  Shoyeido incense for medication and deep relaxation”

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Shoyeido Incense Meditation Pack

All of Shoyeido’s wonderful incense products facilitate relaxation and enjoyment.  Kasasagi has created a Meditation Pack of  Shoyeido incense for meditation and deep relaxation consisting of:

  • Circle Incense 1 Bundle of 35 sticks
  • White Cloud Incense 1 Bundle of 35 sticks
  • Matsu-no-tomo Premium Incense – 1 packet of 35 sticks
  • 1 Tenpyo long burning coil from the Horin range

Our selection also gives you the opportunity to try out Peaceful Sky also known as Tenpyo in a single coil. We hope you enjoy the selection of incenses from Shoyeido.

Circle Incense Bundle – 35 sticks  | 13.5 cm long

The Circle is regarded as a supreme Zen symbol.  It also represents infinity and facilitates the perfect meditative state for enlightenment. Circle’s mixture of high grade sandalwood and clove as well as cinnamon creates a subtle as well as warm and inviting atmosphere.  It is distinctive and unobtrusive making it a great choice for use in meditation.

Each bundle contains 35 incense sticks 13.5 cm long and the burning time for each stick is approximately 30 minutes.

White Cloud Incense Bundle – 35 sticks  | 22 cm long

Shoyeido use some wonderful natural ingredients to make Haku-un or White Cloud incense such as Sandalwood and Clove along with Camphor and spices for an earthy and sweet aroma.  Inspired by images of white clouds in a blue sky and possessing an earthy-sweet scent.  Said to bring inner peace, it is a great choice for meditation and relaxation and the approximate burning time is 50 minutes.

Shoyeido Matsu-no-tomo Premium Incense – 35 sticks | 18 cm long

Matsu-no-tomo from Shoyeido’s premium range is also known as Friend of Pine and represents Recollection and Strength. Visualise yourself meditating in a Pine Forest and the fresh evergreen and verdant fragrances surrounding you.  The ingredients in Matsu-no-tomo are Sandalwood, Clove, Benzoin, Camphor and Patchouli as well as Spices which come together as a mellow and sweet fragrance.

Each package contains 35 sticks which are 18cm long and the approximate burning time is 40 minutes.

Peaceful Sky Incense Coil – approximate burning time 2.5 hours

Shoyeido’s Peaceful Sky also called Tenpyo is a beautiful and Noble Japanese incense.  Peaceful Sky is one of Shoyeido’s finest incense in the Horin range and the rich resiny aroma of rare Vietnamese Agarwood refined and deep facilitates meditation.

Each Tenpyo coil has an approximate burning time of 2.5 hours.


We ship via Australia Post and include tracking and shipping time is approximately 8 business days to most international locations.

Shoyeido have been using pure and natural plant resins to product beautiful incense fragrances for over 300 years.


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