Product Description

Kamikaze Pilot Commemorative Bronze Koro

A Kamikaze Pilot Bronze koro made for the commemoration of a Japanese pilot’s death in WW2.  Embossed with two medallion panels and Japanese aircraft. One embossed panel is the Paulownia flower and anchor of the Japanese Imperial Navy. The other embossed panel is a flying Sea bird against a Cherry Blossom symbol of the Naval Special Air Attack Corps.

The embossed Japanese script below reads “Tokko Tai” which translates as Naval Special Attack Corps and “God Wind”. The literal meaning is “Divine Wind” (Kamikaze) and “Commemoration Memorial Service Hakuo(h) Group of Bereaved”.

In very good condition.

The Approximate dimensions are 10.5 cm diameter and 11.5 cm height

Weight – 539 grams

Shipping is via Australia Post with tracking and insurance.  Shipping time is approximately 8 business days to most international locations.

Kamikaze   officially Tokubetsu Kōgekitai  “Special Attack Unit” were a part of the Japanese Special Attack Units of military aviators.  They initiated suicide attacks for the Empire of Japan against Allied naval vessels in the closing stages of the Pacific

wikipedia on kamikaze

Tokubetsu kōgeki tai means special attack team and is usually abbreviated to tokkōtai.

The American translators used a different style of pronunciation of the Japanese language by mistake. They read the word shinpū “divine wind” as kamikaze as those Japanese characters can be read both ways. The name became so well known after the war that the Japanese also started using it.