Product Description

Vintage Japanese Koro Incense Burner Porcelain and Metal


A very attractive Vintage Japanese Koro Incense Burner made in Japan.  Estimated to be from the 1930s.  A delightful little incense burner made in Japan with a porcelain glazed exterior and a metal insert.  It is Ideal for using short incense sticks, coils as well as cones on an ash base.

Approximately 3 inches or 7.5 cm in diameter.

You can use this our Shoyeido Miyako White Ash with this burner and many of the other products from the Shoyeido Incense range all for the same shipping charge.

Incense Burners play a significant role in Japanese culture.  It is likely this little incense burner was used as part of the important Japanese ritualistic tea making ceremony.