Shoyeido Horin Nijo Incense 20 Sticks


Sandalwood notes followed by a strong floral top note of jasmine and wisteria.  It follows with a mid note of fruit reminesent of apricot or green grapes & a hint of vanilla amber & talcum.

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Shoyeido Horin Nijo Incense 20 Sticks

Shoyeido’s Nijo Incense also known as Avenue of the Villa comes from the Horin range.  It starts with Sandalwood notes and follows with strong floral top notes of jasmine as well as wisteria.  It also has a mid note reminiscent of apricot or green grapes and a slight hint of vanilla amber and talcum.

The Package comes with 20 sticks each 7cm long and a biodegradable holder.  The approximate burning time for each stick is 20 minutes.

Shoyeido Incense is made with pure and natural plant ingredients.  Unlike many other incense varieties there is no sawdust, fillers, artificial scents or ingredients.

Hand made in Kyoto by master blenders Shoyeido uses authentic pure and natural high quality plant ingredients.   Shoyeido is the oldest traditional Japanese incense company and originates in the early 1700′s.

Shoyeido incense is still made today using the same skills and techniques used for over 400 years ago.

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Dimensions85 × 30 × 20 cm


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