Shoyeido White Cloud Incense Bundle


“Inspired by white clouds in a blue sky with an earthy-sweet scent which is said to bring inner peace”

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Shoyeido White Cloud Incense Bundle

White Cloud Long Stick Incense Bundle – 35 Sticks per bundle

White Cloud is inspired by image of white clouds in a blue sky and an earthy-sweet scent it is said to bring inner peace.  Made from an old recipe over many decades, White Cloud or Haku-un is excellent for casual enjoyment as well as formal events.

Made from a decades-old recipe, White Cloud’s high quality, earthy-sweet scent helps bring a moment of inner peace.  It is appropriate for casual enjoyment and formal gatherings alike.

Shoyeido use some wonderful natural ingredients to make Haku-un or White Cloud incense such as Sandalwood and Clove along with Camphor and spices for an earthy and sweet aroma.

Each bundle contains 35 incense sticks 22 cm long and the burning time for each stick is approximately 30 minutes.

Shoyeido also hand make their incense in Kyoto, Japan and use pure and natural high quality ingredients.   Shoyeido as official supplier to the Imperial Palace in Kyoto have been traditionally making incense for over 300 years. Choose Shoyeido Five Hills Incense Bundle as well as other individual Bundles from Shoyeido giving you a variety of aromas to experience.

You will receive one hand made incense bundle with your order – 1 long stick White Cloud Incense Bundle

“We carefully pack every bundle to keep the fragile contents intact”.

You can choose from individual bundles of Shoyeido incense allowing you to experience the wonderful variety of aromas from Shoyeido.

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