Shoyeido Xiang-do Forest Incense 20 Sticks Or 120 Sticks


“Shoyeido Forest Incense transports you to a forest with its concentrated smells of pine, fir and other conifers.  Choose from 20 sticks or 120 sticks”. 

Product Description

Shoyeido Xiang-do Forest Incense 20 Sticks Or 120 Sticks

Shoyeido Xiang-do Forest Incense is pure and and natural and transports you to a forest.  Its concentrated multi evergreen blend has aromas of pine and fir as well as other conifers.  There fresh evergreen like plant resins are perfectly balanced to create one of Shoyeido’s most popular incenses in the Xiang-Do range.

Every packet comes individually wrapped with 20 sticks of 7 cm long incense and a biodegradable holder.

Master blenders skilfully create the Xiang-do range by hand.  It contains only natural ingredients and has no sawdust or any other fillers.  An exclusive Pressed Incense Process results in denser and richer incense.

Shoyeido have been making incense for over 300 years using the same care, skills and techniques their Master Craftsmen used in supplying the Imperial Court in Kyoto for more than twelve generations.


Additional information

Weight0.200 kg
Dimensions7 cm
20 Sticks or 120 Sticks

Xiang-do Forest 20 Sticks, Xiang-do Forest 120 Sticks

1 review for Shoyeido Xiang-do Forest Incense 20 Sticks Or 120 Sticks

  1. Fernanda

    I purchased a couple of Katagami which look great framed in my home. I will certainly be back for more. I love the incense particularly the Grapefruit and Forest.

  2. japanese antiques stamatis

    My order was beautifully gift-wrapped; what an unexpected delight – much appreciated….Stuart

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