Shoyeido Gold Floral Incense Variety 60 Sticks


A beautiful floral gift for someone special of three fragrances from Shoyeido’s Floral World range of Violet, Lavender and Pine

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Shoyeido Gold Floral Incense Variety 60 Sticks

Shoyeido Gold Incense Variety Sticks are from the floral world incense range which has wonderful and well balanced fragrances.  They have captured the aromas of Lavender, Violet and Pine in a pressed incense cone with floral notes and beautiful packaging.

Each package consists of 60 sticks 7 cm long and consist of 20 sticks each of Violet, Jasmine and Pine.  Also included is a biodegradeable incense holder and the burning time for each stick is approximately 15 minutes.

Send a long lasting gift of floral aromas which last longer than flowers.

Violet has notes of floral with violet as the key note.

Jasmine has sweet floral notes of Jasmine as the key note.

Pine  has sugary notes with subscents like berries.

Shipping is via Australia Post and is approximately 8 business days with tracking.

Shoyeido make pure and natural incense products with no sawdust or any other fillers and no artificial scents or ingredients. They are one of the oldest traditional japanese incense company started in the early 1700’s.

Shoyeido use the same care and skills as well as techniques today to produce high quality incense and wonderful fragrances.


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