Shoyeido Johin Small Cloth Sachet


2 ounces of fine fragrance powder in a cloth sachet to freshen up your car, wardobe or other spaces

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Product Description

Shoyeido Johin Small Cloth Sachet

 Shoyeido Johin fragrance fine quality cloth Sachets can keep your car, wardrobe and other spaces smelling beautiful.

Johin comes in a small 2 ounce sachet and is approximately 4 cm in height.

Each sachet consists of a finely ground fragrance of natural ingredients.  The primary ingredients used to make Johin sachets is sandalwood, patchouli and clove.

You are ordering a single sachet of Johin in either a purple or green tea coloured cloth bag.  Please allow us to select a sachet colour for you.

Dimensions – approximately  4 cm height | 2 ounces weight


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