Shoyeido Seifu Fresh Breeze Incense 40 Stick Bundle


A cool and delectable blend of premium sandalwood. Using background scents of sandalwood, cinnamon, and clove as well as a top note of Agarwood. Fresh Breeze delivers a sultry aroma while retaining an atmosphere of clarity and refinement.

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Shoyeido Seifu also known as Fresh Breeze Incense is a cool and delectable blend of premium sandalwood.  Further emphasizing quality, Seifu delivers beautifully balanced background scents of sandalwood, cinnamon, and clove. These are combined with a prominent and lingering top note of Agarwood.  Seifu fulfills as a complete sultry aroma and also retains the calming atmosphere of clarity and refinement.


You will receive with each bundle order, 40 incense sticks each being 5.25 inches or 13.5 cm long. Burning time for each stick is approximately 30 minutes.


“We carefully pack every bundle to ensure the fragile contents arrive intact”.


Shipping is via Australia Post and includes tracking.

Shoyeido Seifu Fresh Breeze Incense 40 Stick Bundle as with all of Shoyeido’s Incenses is hand made in Kyoto Japan by master blenders. The quality is guaranteed with only the highest grade pure and authentic natural plant ingredients being carefully chosen and skillfully blended. Seifu Fresh Breeze Incense is pure incense and is completely free of artificial fillers, scents or any other artificial ingredients. Also Shoyeido Incense does not contain discarded waste wood sawdust.


Unlike many other International incense stick brands, Shoyeido Incense sticks are made with a higher quantity of pure incense. A much higher density of concentrated fragrance per thickness and weight is used, without incorporating bamboo splines.



Shoyeido is the oldest traditional Japanese Incense Company in Japan. Established in Kyoto in 1705 by Moriyoshi Hata and supplier of incense to the Imperial Court. Shoyeido incense continues to be made today by the descendants of the original Hata family. Master Blenders still use the same Artisan skills, techniques and delicate care, over twelve generations since Shoyeido’s founding in 1705.

Shoyeido’s main store and head office still operate from the original 1705 Kyoto store address.

Kasasagi Fine Arts is a Melbourne based family business and we have been selling Shoyeido Incense and Japanese Art for many years.

Other superb Shoyeido Incenses can also be found here: 鵲 Kasasagi Fine Arts Shoyeido Incense Gallery

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Weight.200 kg
Dimensions20 × 1.5 × 20 cm


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