Shoyeido Himenoka Incense For Battery Electric And Charcoal Burners


120 small pieces of long lasting pressed incense in four beautiful aromas for your charcoal, battery or electric incense burner.

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Shoyeido Himenoka Incense For Battery Electric And Charcoal Burners

Himenoka (Princess Fragrance) is part of the exquisite In-Koh Pressed incense line.  It is designed for use on a charcoal, battery or electric burners or any temperature controlled heater.

Housed in a beautifully presented black folder embellished with silver drawings are 120 small pieces of pressed incense in 4 different fragrances. Each of the four fragrances has a different colour (red, green, tan and purple).

This is what Olfactory Rescue have to say about Himenoka ” A real class work of art here from top to bottom”.  You can read their full review using this link  Shoyeido Himenoka Pressed Incense Review

The Four Aromas

The red incense has woods and berry or fruit like scents and is an extremely friendly and attractive scent reminiscent of cherry blossom and undertones of strawberries.  The spiciness and woodiness also gives it added substance.

The green incense has notes of sencha/green tea as well as hints of mint, patchouli, and other floral qualities.  It delivers a friendly and modern incense and has no hints of wood whatsoever.

The tan incense is a spicy sandalwood blend and has lots of cinnamon and clove in the middle. It also has a more traditional scent with chai undertones.  There are also some nutmeg hints and the overall scent is reminiscent of a sugar cookie or even spiced tea or cider.

The purple incense is floral and has strong hints of violet in the middle along with subtle aloeswood tendencies.  The fruit and floral scents are also in perfect symphony with the aloeswood notes.

Shoyeido Incense  contains no sawdust or any other fillers and no artificial scents or ingredients.

Approximate dimensions of package 14.5 cm x 8 cm x 1 cm.

Shipping is via Australia Post and includes tracking.

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