Shoyeido Himenoka Pressed Incense


Himenoka is part of the exquisite In-Koh Pressed incense line designed for use on a heater.  Each package has 4 scents each containing 10 – 12 pieces.

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Shoyeido Himenoka Pressed Incense

Himenoka Pressed Incense is also called Princess Fragrance.  It is part of the exquisite In-koh incense range and designed for use with charcoal incense burners.  Every package has four scents each containing 10 to 12 pieces.

Each fragrance has a unique colour of red and green, tan and purple. Each piece is pressed in shapes of fans, leaves and flowers and organic shapes.

The red incense is a combination of woods and berry with a fragrance reminiscent of cherry blossom with undertones of strawberries.  The spiciness and woodiness to the scent that gives it added substance.

The green incense has notes of sencha/green tea with hints of mint, patchouli, and other floral qualities.  It delivers a friendly and modern incense without any wood hints whatsoever.

The tan incense is a spicy sandalwood blend with middle notes of cinnamon and clove and chai undertones.  There are also some nutmeg hints and the overall scent is reminiscent of a sugar cookie or even spiced tea or cider.

The purple incense is a very floral incense with strong middle notes of violet and subtle aloeswood fragrance.  The fruit and floral scents are in perfect symphony with the aloeswood notes.

Shoyeido Incense contains no sawdust or any other fillers and no artificial scents or ingredients.


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