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Large Arita Porcelain Koro Signed Nabe Jimayaki

Nabeshima porcelains are some of the most beautiful and highly sought after Arita porcelains.  They are becoming rarer and harder to find.  A Shishi (or Jishi) sits on the crest of the lid.  Shishi or “lion” can also be a deer or dog with magical properties able to repel evil spirits.

A pair of shishi traditionally stand guard outside the gates of Japanese Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples. The Shishi are traditionally depicted in pairs, one with mouth open and one with mouth shut.  It is believed that the open mouth is to scare off demons, and the closed mouth to shelter and keep in the good spirits.

This Celadon Incense Burner or Koro has mark of Nabeshima, the Arita kiln and the signature of the potter Nabe Jimayaki is written on the bottom. It is in excellent condition and appears to be brand new.

This Japanese koro is larger than the traditional Koro standing  5.9″ (15 cm) high and 5.1″ (13cm) Diameter at widest point.

Other items such as the sake bottle are display only and not part of this sale.


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