Original Framed Nobukazu Triptych SINO Japan War

An extremely rare and original Meiji Era first edition Woodblock print signed and sealed by Yôsai Nobukazu A dramatic illustration of The Battle at Hotenfu during the Sino Japan War

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SINO Japan War 1894 – 1895.  An original and rare woodblock print triptych by Yôsai Nobukazu and titled “Our Army’s Occupation of Fengtianfu” (Nisshin sensô Hôtenfu wagagun senryô no zu).

A powerful and dramatic work depicting the Battle at Hotenfu during the Sino Japan War.  Japanese Army soldiers are attacking Imperial Chinese troops.  Division Commander SAKUMA is in the foreground of the centre print and General OOYAMA is also featured mounted on a horse.

The Imperial Chinese fortress at Mukden in the background is on fire and under attack.  A very detailed and dramatic scene capturing the intensity and struggle of the battle.

Signed Ôju Yôsai Nobukazu hitsu (應需楊斎延一筆) Meiji era 1894 (Meiji 27) November and Publisher  Sakai Kichibei.

Dimensions: Paper size of each Oban print is Width 22.5 cm and Height 34.9 cm

Dimensions of Mounted Prints Width 86.4 cm and Height 60.4 cm

Framed to Museum Conservation Standard.  Print tipped to acid free foam core backing and mat by rice paper hinges upper corners and wheat flour starch adhesive and True Vue 99% Anti UV Glass.

This item is available for local pickup from Melbourne, Australia.

General Ooyama

Ooyama was Commander in Chief of the 2nd Japanese Army during the Sino Japan War.  Landing on Liaotung Peninsula they were carried to Port Arthur by storm. They subsequently crossed to Shantung and captured the fortress of Weihaiwei.

For these services Ooyama received the title of marquis and three years later he became field-marshal.  He was also named Commander In Chief of the Japanese armies in Manchuria during the Russo Japanese War of 1904-1905.  After Japan’s victory, Emperor Meiji elevated him to the rank of koshaku (duke).

Nobukazu (1872-1944)

Nobukazu was also one of Chikanobu’s best disciples.  He is also famous for his prints of the Russo-Japanese war and well as scenes of the Meiji  Emperor.

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Nobukazu Yôsai


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